Dongguan furniture goes to Hubei?

2020-12-30 13:37 admin
Mo Sheng (pseudonym) is the boss of a small furniture factory in Dalingshan Town. Over the past few days, things happened in Dalingshan, a furniture enterprise group in Southeast Asia, made him puzzled: "business is well done, why do so many enterprises like to run factories in other places?"
In recent days, leaders of many furniture enterprises in Dalingshan have visited Jianli, Hubei Province. Before them, more than 40 furniture enterprises in Dongguan have settled in the Hong Kong home furnishing international industrial base in Hubei Province, of which more than 10 enterprises are from Dalingshan.
Ren Zuohui, executive director of the Hong Kong Furniture Association and President of the Dalingshan Furniture Association, told reporters that these enterprises flocked to Jianli, Hubei Province, the Yangtze River economic belt, to build a large manufacturing base in the central part of the furniture industry and realize the expansion and increment of enterprises and industries. This is also a kind of start of Dalingshan furniture industry from natural agglomeration to high-end planning agglomeration.
More than 40 enterprises have gone abroad to expand production
Ren Zuohui told reporters that the first phase of Hubei Hong Kong home furnishing international industrial base has been completed, while the second and third phases are in the process of construction. At present, the settled enterprises include Huahui furniture, Guoshou mahogany, Shunchang door industry, Yuanzong furniture, Changshi furniture, sensheng furniture, Langdu furniture, Hefeng furniture, Honghui group, Songwei technology and other brand enterprises.
Hubei Hong Kong home furnishing international industrial base is jointly developed by Hubei Jianli County People's government, Hong Kong Furniture Association and Fumao Hong Kong International Home Furnishing Industrial Park Co., Ltd. with a total planning area of 30000 Mu and a total investment of 30 billion yuan, it will be constructed in three phases. Among them, there are 20000 mu of furniture, 3000 mu of home textile, 2000 mu of household appliances, 4000 mu of home decoration and 1000 mu of hardware.
The first phase of 6000 mu of the industrial park is used for furniture. Up to now, 58 furniture enterprises have settled in the park, including more than 10 from Dalingshan, Dongguan. On September 10, 2015, the industrial park was awarded the title of "China Yangtze River Economic Belt home furnishing Industrial Park" by China Furniture Association.
Ren Zuohui said that the 30000 Mu home furnishing industrial park can accommodate 500 large-scale enterprises, realize sales revenue of more than 100 billion yuan, solve the employment of 100000-150000 people, and profit and tax of more than 20 billion yuan.
Dalingshan is a veritable "furniture kingdom". It has advanced furniture production equipment, complete supporting industries, strong furniture export capacity and many well-known furniture brands. At present, it has more than 200 furniture enterprises of scale and grade, including more than 30 listed companies and over 100 million yuan furniture investment enterprises. As early as 2005, the total export value of furniture in the town has exceeded 1.8 billion yuan, ranking the first in the country for 11 consecutive years. The town was awarded the title of "China furniture export important town" and "China furniture export first town" by China Light Industry Federation and China Furniture Association.
"If you want to take this step, you can't go if you want to." Mo Sheng said that small-scale enterprises obviously do not have such financial resources to expand. In addition, according to the principle of undertaking industries by Hubei Hong Kong International Home Furnishing Industrial Park, it is necessary to undertake the industry's elite enterprises. No matter in terms of product brand, enterprise scale and entrepreneur quality, small-scale enterprises are first-class in China and even in Asia.
Planning the central region is the necessity of enterprise Industrial Development
In fact, Ren Zuohui has another identity, that is, the chairman of the Dalingshan Town Yuanzong furniture factory. He has been working in this industry for more than 20 years.
In his opinion, what impressed him most was that enterprises must have their own land and factory buildings, which not only laid the foundation for the survival and development of enterprises, but also enabled them to have a strong ability to resist risks. With the deepening of the new round of reform and opening up, China's furniture enterprises will face a "big reshuffle". Enterprises without factory buildings and land are not basic enterprises, nor can they be "century old brands". Therefore, the transfer to the mainland to buy land and build factories has become a topic that the majority of furniture enterprises must face.
"With the aggravation of environmental pollution in coastal areas, the rise of land prices, the increase of labor costs and the adjustment of industrial structure by the local government, the original advantages of the region have gradually lost, the competitiveness of products in the market has declined, and the benefits have been reduced." Ren Zuohui pointed out that, in addition to the recession in the export market, enterprises must strengthen their efforts to open up the domestic market and build storage centers and manufacturing centers in the mainland.
Relevant people from the Dalingshan Town government told reporters that the town supports the majority of furniture enterprises to go global. The headquarters of these enterprises are still in Dalingshan. They are only going out to expand production and increase production and become stronger and bigger.
In 2014, Dalingshan university successfully introduced talents for the technology upgrading project of Dalingshan University He said that what the town government should do is to focus on supporting the headquarters construction of these enterprises, help them make continuous innovation and breakthrough in the R & D process, and further polish the brand of Dalingshan furniture.
"The development of enterprises in Dalingshan is in a rising stage." Ren Zuohui said frankly that it is the inevitable trend for the furniture enterprises and industry development that Dalingshan Furniture Group will go out this time.
"Enterprises based in Central China, expand domestic sales, and at the same time export." He said that China's furniture production and distribution has formed four major patterns: the Pearl River Delta in Guangdong Province in the south, the Yangtze River Delta in Jiangsu Province in the East, Chengdu in Sichuan Province in the west, and Xianghe River in Hebei Province in the north. Only in the central part of the country has not formed a furniture industrial cluster. Therefore, it is desirable to be the fifth pole of the furniture industry based on the central region.
Give 3% discount to reduce financing cost
The reporter learned that the Hong Kong Furniture Association has made a full investigation to build the "Hong Kong International Home Furnishing Industrial Park" in Central China