Ten new trends of European furniture in the future

2020-12-30 13:37 admin
Recently, the evolution theory of European and American style furniture appeared on the Internet. According to the information collected, the changes of the whole consumption environment and design ideas, the researchers analyzed the 10 major design trends of European style furniture.
Trend 1: environmental protection
Any European style furniture, no matter it is imported, or domestic high-end brand, or how high the price and grade, as long as there are problems in environmental protection quality, such European furniture is not worth buying.
In fact, this is also the problem that many high-end European furniture brands are trying to solve. Some brands have done very well and are expected to become the mainstream trend of the whole industry.
Trend 2: Fashion
How can European furniture be fashionable? This is a question. Will older people like European furniture after fashion? This is the second question.
In fact, there is an obvious trend that young upstarts under the age of 35, who have tens of millions of assets, have significantly changed their preference for European style furniture. Many of them do not like the more rigid and serious traditional European furniture. On the contrary, they prefer the more relaxed, fashionable, concise and more creative European style furniture.
How to be fashionable? This is mainly to add fashion elements to the design, such as simple style, more jumping colors, bolder and more creative modeling.
Trend 3: cross border
The design of European style furniture is undergoing crossover, and the most obvious thing is to learn from the clothing design industry. Another phenomenon is that many well-known clothing accessories have launched home products of the same style, such as H & M, Zara, Muji, etc.
For a long time, clothing, shoes and hats have been the highland of creative design, creativity is always bursting out. The cross-border of the two fields is reflected in color matching, line design, pattern drawing and so on. So are many luxury goods.
Trend 4: elements of Chinese traditional culture
A few years ago, European furniture was considering the combination with Chinese traditional culture, and a large number of Chinese cultural elements appeared in some high-end furniture products.
This is a trend. It's becoming more and more intense. More European style furniture will adopt Chinese culture. Mei Lan, Zhu Ju, landscape painting, Chinese mascot, Xiangyun, bamboo slips, Qin brick and Han tiles, Chinese knot, brush, seal, Ruyi and other elements will be properly applied to European furniture.
Trend 5: young
In the recent report on the high net worth group and the general affluent class, the proportion of the newly rich aged is higher. The young group actually determines the young consumption mentality.
European style furniture either meets this consumption trend, or sticks to the high-end consumer market of the elderly rich. Some European furniture brands have made changes in their products to meet customers of different ages, backgrounds and demands with multiple series and styles.
The concrete changes of this kind of European style furniture are as follows: the lines and shapes are more simple and modern, the bright colors such as goose yellow, orange red and deep purple are boldly adopted, and various high-tech materials, intelligent technology and solid wood collocation are also included.
Trend 6: sense of Modernity
European style furniture in the material, style, color changes, some styles will adhere to the traditional style of calm atmosphere and luxury, and some new styles have a stronger sense of modernity.
In color, there are European style furniture, using white maple color, camel color and gradient color as paint surface. In the material and design, also began to move closer to modern panel furniture, glass, acrylic, cloth art, leather and other materials comprehensive use. In the manufacture of furniture such as bed, chair, cabinet and bar, intelligent technology has appeared.
Trend 7: mining design inspiration from history and culture
Duroli garden can make a French style furniture, and the British knight can also become a very keen design element of British furniture. Elizabeth II, or the chair that Queen Victoria used to use, will be moved to modern times.
The classic heritage in history, such as qipengdale style beast catching ball and bending leg design, symbolizing authority of Eagle hand drawing, has been or will appear in European furniture circle, changing the design trend of high-end furniture.
Trend 8: bionic design
Don't think bionic design has nothing to do with furniture, and don't think that carving or painting some plants on the surface of furniture is bionic design.
True bionic design, it needs to imitate the shape, color, sound, function and structure of all things in nature, and selectively design the essence of everything in the design process.
Trend 9: customized or semi customized
The traditional furniture adopts the industrial production mode. The designer will produce some works and then mass produce them to the market. So does the high-end European furniture. These furniture also have fine products, but sometimes far away from the real needs of customers.
Under the trend of customization, European style furniture is inevitably impacted. Personalized customization and semi customization are rebuilding the pattern. This kind of thinking will collect and analyze the requirements according to each person or very small group, so as to realize customization on demand.