Facing the customization storm, what do these furniture peop

2020-12-30 13:37 admin
In recent two years, with the trend of younger consumer groups and the popularity of small units, the demand for personalized furniture is becoming more and more obvious. Take this year's Guangzhou Construction Expo as an example. Of the 41 pavilions, 12 of them are custom-made areas, accounting for nearly 30%. It can be seen that customized furniture has been pushed to the forefront of the storm. In this customized storm, what do furniture people think? In this issue, we discuss customized furniture with many furniture people, and listen to their views on this "custom wind".
Terminal advantages determine how far customization enterprises can go
Li Jiacong, general manager of Shangpin
It can be said that the popularity of whole house customization is now changing from blue ocean to red sea. In this year's Construction Expo, we can see that all walks of life are making customization. Both electrical appliances and finished furniture are transforming to whole house customization. We can see that the dividend of the market is killing in, and more and more manufacturers and franchisees are coming in. Now we are all in the case of customization, the next is the terminal advantage. If the brand wants to survive in this storm, the service quality and the back-end production must be guaranteed. Besides, the efficiency and quality also determine the customer's word-of-mouth. If the customer's word-of-mouth marketing is done well, the brand can go further.
Custom furniture can't be a classic
Lin Zuoxin, former president of Asian furniture Federation:
Since ancient times, only standardized design -- furniture produced can become a classic, and so can Ming style furniture design. In the west, which one is customized? Modern customized furniture began in developed countries, but today in the United States, customized furniture is on the decline. They can buy standardized "mobile furniture" ”You don't have to customize the furniture. After the 2008 financial crisis, this trend has become more obvious. But we are going back to the countryside to make furniture.
The form of industrial chain is the criticism of customized enterprises
Chen Lei, chairman of zuofen home furnishing Co., Ltd
Now most of the enterprises entering the field of customization take the form of industrial chain. First of all, the designer measures the customer's housing space, and then designs according to the customer's demands. After the design, it is handed over to the factory that makes customized furniture for production. To put it bluntly, that is to say, "subcontract" to the corresponding professional production enterprises. As a result, the quality level is uneven, and it is difficult to fully guarantee the construction period and delivery time.
Taking design and service as the basis point to leverage the customized Market
Kuang Zaizhong, chairman of Jianou furniture
At present, the biggest problem is not in the product, production and shop opening, but in the commercial operation of the terminal. How to organize a team to help the terminal dealers is also the advantage of the mature customization enterprises in the industry. At present, few brands can really realize whole house customization. More brands regard it as a gimmick. It is impossible for a family to customize every product. I agree that limited customization + finished product matching can really meet the needs of consumers. In the future, we should give full play to the advantages of finished products and leverage the customization market based on design and service.
To make a custom-made "black horse", start from small and beautiful
Lin Tao, chairman of Kefan household
There are three trends in the future. Some enterprises are small and beautiful, some are large and comprehensive, and some are large and specialized. No matter which way it is, it starts from being small and beautiful. For example, Europa also starts from making cabinets, and now it goes to big and all-round. I don't think the three modes are good or bad. It only depends on your positioning. If your control ability is not strong, it is easy to get out of control. If your product does not have a high technical content, it is difficult to make the product beautiful, not suitable for small and beautiful.
Two reasons why customized furniture becomes "popular"
Royal family, Royal custom + Dai Jing, general manager
In recent years, a trend that can not be ignored in the furniture market is that the post-80s and 90s consumers have gradually grown into the main group of the consumer market. In fact, this is also the basis for the rise of customized furniture. Compared with traditional consumers, they pay more attention to the overall art of life at home. The old-fashioned finished furniture can not fully meet their pursuit of personalized life. At the same time, consumers are more concerned about the house The demand for room space utilization has also increased, which to a certain extent spawned customized furniture. Customized furniture has the advantages of high space utilization, personalized design and easy installation, which is not surprising that it has become a new rapid growth point in the industry in recent years.
Empty slogans are not as good as "rejuvenating the country through hard work"
Yang Xin, general manager of Optima wardrobe marketing
The whole house customization will be more and more in-depth. So far, some enterprises are just shouting slogans. However, with the development of market potential, these enterprises will gradually implement the slogan, truly study the lifestyle of consumers, and make products suitable for consumers and improving space utilization. Many enterprises, whether it is finished home or bathroom, more and more enterprises cross-border to do whole house customization, because we all find the demand of consumers for customization.